When should I get a massage or see a chiropractor?

I have been a massage therapist since 2006. Recently, I have noticed a trend in the type of clients seeking massage. Most clients want to relax, reduce stress, and relieve achy muscles. However, there are a handful of clients seeking massage for more serious issues. These issues can range from numbness and tingling into an extremity to facial numbness following a bout of the flu. As a massage therapist, I am happy to see people respecting the skills of massage therapists. As a chiropractor, I am concerned that these clients are not seeking more qualified professionals for their issues. This is not to put down massage therapists but for most of them, the symptoms I mentioned above are out of their scope of practice and should be referred to a qualified professional. A massage may feel good temporarily but these types of clients need a full exam by a qualified healthcare provider like a chiropractor or physical therapist to rule out red flags, be referred out if necessary and to develop an individualized treatment plan. Remember, if your symptoms are interfering with your daily activities and life, you need to be examined by a qualified healthcare professional . . . then you can get your massage. 

Kelley Henry