Online Consultations

Kelley offers online consultations for those who can’t meet in person. We offer one time consultations for $75. These last for an hour and you will receive advice and education about your current complaints and how to manage your pain and injury with exercise programming and modifications.

You have the option of continuing monthly for $150. This includes weekly check-ins for updates and modifications as well as daily contact as need to adjust movements or address concerns immediately. We are able to alter and progress exercises regularly and as needed for you to reach your goals quicker.

*Disclaimer: Online consultations are not medical advice and we will not receive a diagnosis. Online consultations are wellness coaching and appropriate referrals will be made as determine appropriate by both parties.

In Person Consultations

In person consultations provide the same benefit as above with the addition of providing in person diagnosis and treatment. Treatment will consist of education and programming modifications. This will not include hands-on treatment. The evidence does not support the use of manual treatments for long term benefit. Exercise and education provide to best long term solutions to your musculoskeletal needs.tThe initial consultation will be $90/hr with the option of continuing monthly for $200. Weekly check-ins will be in person and you will also have daily access via text/email for last minute adjustments.

Personal Training

Kelley offers personal training in NW and SE Portland. Training is available for all ages and abilities. Due to her educational background, Kelley is able to provide individualized training programs for any and all aches, pains and injuries that you feel is holding you back. We are strong, adaptable, resilient beings and strength training is a great way to showcase those traits. Personal training rates are $40/30 min or $80/hr.